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Yoga Nidra, in depth

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An application of Yoga Nidra in yoga therapy:  Nidralogy: Yoga of Dreams

— Yoga of dreams – Analysis of dreams
— Basic postures and Body Mapping
— Psychosomatics and Self Healing
— How to structure your own Nidra
— What « Determination” means as a tool for yoga Nidra (life reporting)
— Symbolism & Archetypes : Jung and Yoga
— Inner Talk / Body Talk
In 7 sessions, one-to-one appointments (distant learning visio call or in a studio), discover more about your body and your mind than in years of regular yoga practice.
Yogic sleep, Nidra, is a great tool when applied to psychology and various challenges:
— sleep disorders
— business people
— stress management
— anxiety
— chronic illness
— diseases with heavy treatments
— pregnancy
contact 100% YOGA in Geneva or Cape Town, for a demo and your first visio call, it’s easy and comfortable:

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