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Tricia Donegan, a community builder


Tricia Donegan

A community builder, Lower East Side, New York

Formerly a college athlete, Tricia Donegan did her first Bikram Yoga class and knew instantly that yoga was for her. She learnt how to connect brain and body and channel the power, mindfully, in the movements.

Coming from a restaurant background where she worked to make community accessible to everyone, she started her own yoga studio in the Lower East Side of New York and found a different way to build communities – through yoga.

Often referred to as a rebel, she tells us in this interview how she believes that we might need tradition and roots, but that yoga is all about learning to expand on them. The goal of yoga is to connect – your passion, your heart and your soul.

She speaks of yoga as a universal language, and that every person is rare, but not unique in their struggles – they are valid, but explains how one can understand, through yoga, to give and receive.

In the space she has created, she talks of how yoga can level the playing fields for everyone, making everyone equal, and how in her studio in the Lower East Side, people are given the opportunity to become one breathing, focused unit, learning how to require more from themselves without compromising self, but through nourishing self, and how doing the things we think we can’t, is empowering, not exhausting.

She has successfully created a sustained community, a space where everyone can come together and create strength with each other. She continually strives to make everything a better place, believing that is the point of yoga .

‘To make yourself available to build community – availability is luxury’.

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