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Surya Namaskar in… New York (2)

web yoga tv met Ellen Patrick in New York city. Ellen’s journey began over 30 years ago when a back injury sidelined her dancing career. Giving up her dream as a Broadway dancer, Ellen turned to yoga to keep her mind, body and spirit healthy. In 2000, she became a …

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“Un chamane n’est pas possĂ©dĂ©, il fait le lien”

  Le Chamanisme expliquĂ© par B. Wastiau , Directeur du MusĂ©e d’ethnographie de Genève. Exposition proposĂ©e  jusqu’au 8 Janvier 2017.     Boris Wastiau, Director of MusĂ©e d’ethnographie de Genève, explains us how shamans connect to Souls and heal human beings. This exhibition in happening at the MusĂ©e d’ethnographie of Geneva until …

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Surya Namaskar … in Cape Town

Surya Namaskar in … Cape Town (part 1) Our programme Surya Namaskar in…. takes us to South Africa this time. There is an important practice for spiritualities on this continent but in South Africa, there is also something else, hard to describe. Meet yogis and discover studios from the Mother City. Here are …

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Visiting Nevine Michaans Katonah Studio in Bedford Hills, New York

We had the pleasure to go visit Nevine Michaan’s Katonah Studio in Bedford Hills, New York It has been an amazing travel using the body and soul map. Truly Exceptional and unique! Her Technique is giving us an overview of our perimeters and dimensions. It is a new way to approach …

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Om Factory…. in New York City – Destination of the Month

Om Factory has two locations in NYC, several studios in South Korea, and a newly opened location in Hanoi, Vietnam. Over the past 10 years, Om Factory has grown into the community-driven studio we are today. Faramarz is OM Factory’s founder, designer, architect and genitor. A Persian native, Faramarz did his schooling at Kunstgewerbeschule …

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Tricia Donegan, a community builder

  Tricia Donegan A community builder, Lower East Side, New York Formerly a college athlete, Tricia Donegan did her first Bikram Yoga class and knew instantly that yoga was for her. She learnt how to connect brain and body and channel the power, mindfully, in the movements. Coming from a …

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