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Surya Namaskar in… New York (2)

web yoga tv met Ellen Patrick in New York city.

Ellen’s journey began over 30 years ago when a back injury sidelined her dancing career. Giving up her dream as a Broadway dancer, Ellen turned to yoga to keep her mind, body and spirit healthy. In 2000, she became a certified yoga teacher. Since then, Ellen has graduated from 3 different teacher training programs. Having previously turned to yoga to heal from a back injury, she chose to further her studies in the field of Yoga Therapy. After 10 years of training and studies she become a certified Yoga Therapist in the Viniyoga tradition of Krishnamachary in 2011.

Surya Namaska in… New York” is showing various facets of yoga in the city that never sleeps. All types of yoga, all types of practitioners, all energies in this amazing city…

Discover what New York has to offer when it comes to yoga nowadays.


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