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Swiss Yogathon is dedicated to promoting yoga including all facets of this tradition, culture and lifestyle but mostly through karma yoga and seva activities, we build projects for Non-violence, Respect and Sincerity, right actions not harming anyone, Self Realization of individuals through Education and controle of senses, through Meditation, Detachment and Contentment. We are creating fundraising events to support our actions: trainings and various classes open to yoga practitioners and novices. Non Violence has to be promoted around the world. We started in 2016 in South Africa: 

Karma Yoga Projects & Seva Activities

 2016,17,18 – Cape Town, the Mother City

Our aim:  make Ahimsa (non-violence in the code of personal disciplin in yoga tradition) become a reality in various parts of the world. Violence in townships is at many corners. Read what a medical doctor explains while he was working in Kayalitsche, Cape Town’s township, during one night just like another:

An Englishman in South Africa: Robert Lloyd at St.Emlyn’s

  • 22 stabbed chests
  • 1 stabbed heart
  • 4 gun shots
  • 4 severe traumatic brain injuries
  • 5 “community assaults”
  • 8 total fatalities secondray to trauma, 6 of the facilities were under 16

We believe we must start a programme to eradicate violence and bring some peace in those places but also in camps for refugees. Yoga is a starting point. Education is the other need.

In june 2016, we start looking for a place to build a Peace Shelter in a township around Cape Town, in South Africa. This is a pilote project to be developed around the world later.

We meet in Cape Town with Janna from the Earth Child Project to learn from her experience, how she made it happen in organising yoga classes in schools for children and on our side, we plan to

  1. Build a pilot “Peace Shelter” not only for children but also for adults
  2. Train a Project Manager
  3. Find a plot in the appropriate township
  4. Ask for autorizations to build
  5. Plan fundraising events to finance the construction
  6. Select potential young yoga teachers and train them
  7. Inform people in the township and invite them to try
  8. Maintain a schedule of yoga classes, meditation classes, prenatal classes and stress management courses

Plan for stabilization on 2 years

Estimated budget for the first 2 years: 120.000€ with sponsors, donators and memberships

2015 – Tenzin in Dharamsala

At Children Tibetan Village, Dharamsala – Northern India, we support Tenzin.

Her mum is sick, at the hospital in Delhi. Abandonned by her father who was violent with both, Tenzin has been accepted in this village where she learns, grows and live in a safe environment.

2014 – Sanitary Plan in Maharashtra, India

With help from Yoga VidyaGurukul near Nashik, we supported a sanitary plan to support workers in villages and families with no resources and no medical plans. Volunteers Doctors visited those villages and brought medcaments or dealt with emergencies when possible.

Previous years, we helped for the construction of a water reserve (well) in order to help people from small villages have clean water rather than drink unfiltered water full of mud and bacterias.