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Surya Namaskar in… Cape Town (part 2)

This week, we meet Tamsin Sheehy at The Shala and discover her world made of tradition and oneness, spirituality with no guruism. We also met J’anaki Ra prenatal yoga teacher recently installed in Cape Town.

Cape Town is unique – the vibrations of the city are indescribable but so real. When you can, plan a trip to the Mother City and meet those great yoginis.


Soon, in Surya Namaskar in… Cape Town – Part 3 – we will see how people are creative and not only for their own pleasure but for the community, for helping, for sharing… Earth Child Project, Marcelle, Russell … people with a heart and lots of ideas to make this world a better place for those who need just a bit of help. That’s also what yoga is about : UNION between mind and body, minds and bodies

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