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Swiss Yogathon in the townships to support Yoga for children


Non Profit Organization based in Geneva, Swiss Yogathon was created to spread the depths of yoga, including all facets of this tradition, culture and lifestyle. We manage projects related to non-violence, respect, sincerity, right actions (not harming anyone), self realization of individuals through education, controle of senses, meditation and contentment.

Our seva project in Cape Town is based on Ahimsa with the creation of a “peace shelter”. We plan to build a center where non violence will be the engine and help bring peace in townships around Cape Town as a pilot project. Yoga classes will be available there, meditation classes and all classes for adults. Swiss Yogathon will train local teachers for them to live from this activity


Summer 2016, Swiss Yogathon supports


Janna and her team do an amazing job promoting yoga in townships and offering kids yoga on a daily basis. Not only during school but also when kids are on holidays. with about 15 USD or €, you give a child 1 year of yoga and food, activities during their holidays. www.earthchildproject.org

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