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Surya Namaskar … in Cape Town

Surya Namaskar in … Cape Town (part 1)

Our programme Surya Namaskar in…. takes us to South Africa this time. There is an important practice for spiritualities on this continent but in South Africa, there is also something else, hard to describe.

Meet yogis and discover studios from the Mother City.

Here are 10 reasons for loving Cape Town.

1- Table Mountain

2- The Ocean

3- Life Designers

4- Cafés….

5- Nature

6- the Light

7- Food

8- Russel

9 – The Holistic Fairs

10- Yogis, Yoga studios and Yoga vibrations

Sylvain Lonchay met and interviewed Fulvio and Will at Yoga Zone, Michelle at AirYoga, Tamsin at The Shala and Janaki for Antenatal Yoga in the Western Cape.  Fantastic people to discover on webYOGA TV

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