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Visiting Nevine Michaans Katonah Studio in Bedford Hills, New York

We had the pleasure to go visit Nevine Michaan’s Katonah Studio in Bedford Hills, New York It has been an amazing travel using the body and soul map. Truly Exceptional and unique! Her Technique is giving us an overview of our perimeters and dimensions. It is a new way to approach …

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Rencontre avec Dr Lionel Coudron РInstitut de Yoga Th̩rapie, Paris (Part 1)

Première partie de la rencontre avec le Dr Lionel Coudron qui nous explique les bienfaits de la Yoga Thérapie depuis le Jardin du Yoga à Lausanne, en compagnie de Corinne Mieville. Il dirige l’Institut de Yogathérapie de Paris depuis de nombreuses années et sa formation ainsi que son parcours sont …

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“Consciousness” What is that ?

What is Consciousness? If you are conscious of something, you are aware of it. As too, if you are conscious, you are awake rather than asleep. Your mind and thoughts can be referred to as your consciousness, and your conscience is the part of your mind that tells you if …

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Hormones – Our Cross Or Our Salvation

    Hormones: our cross and our salvation We carry them with us at every stage of our lives. These small molecules, an integral part of our make-up, are our allies of every day. But really, what role do these secret substances play? Produced by the endocrine system, these small …

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Viparit Karani

  Posture In ‘Hathapradipika’ an important book on Yoga, accepts this as Mudra rather than asana. But since this very much resembles the asana position, here we have treated this as such. In this asana the body is in an inverted position and so is called Viprit Karani (inverted position).   …

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