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By Yoga Vidya Gurukul, Nasik


Asana name: Single Toe Balance Pose

Sanskrit name: Padangushtasan

Meaning: Single Toe Balance Pose

General Benefits:
Strengthens the legs, especially the ankles and toes. Regulates the reproductive system. Prevents spermatorrhea. Promotes brahmacharya. Trains the nervous system.


Benefits for Women:
Therapeutic Applications:
Anxiety, stress
Taking the Position:
In sitting position, bend your left leg and bring the foot to the left buttock. Bend your right leg and place the right foot next to the left foot. Shift the weight forward onto the toes and place your hands by your sides for support. Lift the left foot up and place it on the right thigh. Make sure that the right thigh is parallel to the ground. Adjust the right heel so that it presses against the perineum. The entire body weight is now borne by the toes and ball of the right foot. Once balance is achieved, join the palms in front of the chest and breathe normally.
Releasing the Positions:
To release the asana, release the hands and place them on the ground by your sides. Release the left leg and place the left foot next to the right. Straighten out the legs, one after the other returning to sitting position. Now practise on the opposite side.
Anatomical Focus:
Toes, knees, entire spine.
Anatomical Awareness:
On maintaining balance by focusing on a fixed point.

Keep the spine erect. Keep the right heel pressing on the perineum. Keep the right thigh parallel to the floor. Move slowly in and out of the posture to maintain balance. Use the strength of the ankle and leg to maintain balance and minimize movement while in the pose.
Move the body about too much to maintain balance. Hold the breath while in the posture.
Precautions & Contraindications:
Variations & Tips:
If it is difficult to sit in the position described above, you can simply sit in Vajrasana with the knees wide apart, and leaning your body weight onto the hands placed on the ground in front of you.
Preparatory Poses:
Preparatory movement &  Utkatasana.Position:

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