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LUXYOGA: is this Light the luxury?



Benjamin Sears, world renowned Yoga Teacher, welcomes us in his unique retreat centre, a gem on the French Riviera.

From New York to Provence, he travels as fast as light and regularly offers full immersions at LUXYOGA. This is one of those places you want to experience at least once in your life, not only for the Light but also for the panoramic views, the exceptional food, the classes and the teacher(s).

From Bikram Yoga to Vinyasa, you will be in luxurious conditions, fantastic light and generous nature, with space and vibrations, to understand what needs to be understood about yoga and/or to simply experience it in full.

In this documentary, Benjamin speaks about “the seed” in someone’s practice. What we experienced there, is sometimes a bit of an unconventional approach to yoga, when we think of austerity in traditional yoga or vegetarianism, however, there is something for everyone in food, in yoga practice and the beauty of the place is really a gift for all.

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