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Interview with Nevine Michaan

Born in Egypt, Nevine Michaan grew up in a household of women, in an era where women where encouraged to stay at home. Arriving in America in 1957, she found a way of working, by teaching yoga, that allowed her the flexibility to balance family life and work. Her yoga training is based on the very classical Taoist Chinese theory, the technique of manipulating organs and glands. In 1998 she created a video designed specifically for women, teaching them how yoga can help balance hormones during menopause. She has worked with women teaching them how, through yoga, they can find the balance between raising children, work , finding the ability to cope and being comfortable within their bodies.

Hatha Yoga practice to increase the understanding of the individual poses on both a spiritual and practical level. She speaks of yoga being universal, and in this interview, she uses the analogy of baking cakes, in that you use the same equipment, and even though times change, ingredients change, it’s all about what you end up producing. Yoga gives a technique, a power, the ability to manipulate mind, body, breath.

Practising technique, she believes the goal of teaching is how the individual learns to use that technique. Using the metaphor of origami, folding makes function, she speaks of asana being origami for bodies, producing shapes that are functional.

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