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Surya Namaskar… in New York city



Soon on web YOGA TV, an exclusive documentary “Surya Namaskar … in New York City”

“Surya Namaskar in…. ” is the first of a series to be produced by web YOGA TV, to show how one may practice yoga around the world, in large cities or in special spots, retreat centers and ashrams. We started with Cape Town, South Africa and now fly over the Atlantic to New York.

For this documentary, from first sunlight till the evening stars (and there are many over there!), the city that never sleeps shows us a yoga planet in itself.  Sylvain went to understand how people practice yoga, who is teaching there and what counts in New York when it comes to Yoga Land:  what to do, where to go, even what to wear! how to chant and who is new… but there is even more than this, there seem to be a special New York state of mind in the yoga community. Different from L.A. unlike London, far from Sydney … this is the Big Apple, unique, with so much to offer. We will return soon for a second edition of Surya Namaskar… in New York

Interviews of yogis in New York City

Dharma Mittra

Tricia Donegan

David Regelin

Nevine Michaan – Katonah Yoga

Nick – Agora

Iyengar Yoga Association

Om Factory

Ellen Patrick


and more

with a presentation of the  Omega Institute

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