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Geneva Yoga Art Festival – 2016

8-11 September 2016        Geneva – Switzerland

Come and enjoy yoga, music, chanting, meditation, great yogis and good vibrations


Dani, Founder of the Geneva Yoga Art Festival, gave us a few figures: this festival has been going on for 7 years now. It started with a 150 participants and it doubled every year.

The inspiration came from Dani’s trips to Bali, Asia, USA, London, Paris etc… for yoga events… He met great yogis and decided to bring it to Geneva and let the local community be inspired by such amazing souls. Since then, he continues traveling and inviting various yoga teachers, experts and specialists in their field.

This festival is a mix of yogic practice like Asanas, Pranayam,   Meditation, New Trends and lots of music


 SIMON PARK          Yoga teacher, California
 LORRAINE TAYLOR      Ashtanga and Vinyasa Tantra       Nouvelle Zelande
 JESSICA VILCHES       Tantra Yoga, Chili
 SCHUA MARIANI      Kids Yoga, Italy-Switzerland
 KASEY BARBEY    Women circle, USA-Switzerland
 Kids-yoga and Family Yoga, Italy-Switzerland
 CECILE ROUBAUD      Yang&Yin Yoga, France
 OLIVIA TUSCHEN    Maha sadhana, Switzerland
 DAVID GAILLARD      Integral Yoga, France.
 CHARLOTTE ST. JEAN      PranaFlow, France
 BALARAM CHANDRA RAS    Ayurvedic Yoga – USA
 YAMUNA DEVI    Yam Vinyasa, India-Uk
 JESSICA MAGNIN     Vinyasa Tantra Yoga, Switzerland-USA
 CHANTAL HAUSER     Forrest Yoga, Switzerland
 CATE SPINNLER     AcroYoga – Switzerland
 AMIR JAAN     Kundalini Yoga,  UK
 VINCENT PEZET       Hatha Vinyasa, France
 JULIEN LEVY      AcroYoga, France
 DANIEL ANNER       AcroYoga, Switzerland
 BIBI MCGILL       Vinyasa Yoga, USA
 NICO LUCE          Power Vinyasa, Canada
 MANUELA MARINI     Power Vinyasa, Suisse
 CLAIRE LALANDE    Acrovinyasa, Switzerland
 CEDRIC     Sup Yoga, Switzerland
XAVIER  Sup Yoga, Switzerland





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